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Welcome to Koh Mak Yoga Retreat!

Registration for the 2018 Koh Mak Retreat is open !

Announcement for the students!

We have been giving our bungalow list back to Koh Mak resort and Seavana resort, so we are not booking "our" bungalows anymore. Only bungalows we have space are..

Family Deluxe Down Twin bed (for one female student) on the 1st week.

Comfort Beach Twin bed (for one female student) on the 4th week.

You can ask if Koh Mak resort ( or Seavana resort ( has space or check other resort. We have information about the resorts in the island in the end of..

We have space for Drop-in students, but the first two weeks are getting very full. Last two weeks are more recommended.

Welcome to Koh Mak : )

Petri and Wambui

We welcome you to an inspirational retreat of transformative Ashtanga Yoga and self-discovery, taking place in the quiet surroundings of Koh Mak island, on the South-East coast of Thailand.

Ashtanga Yoga, Pranayama (breathing exercise), Meditation, Yoga Philosophy, Thai Vegan-Vegetarian Meals, Thai Massage, Swimming, Diving, Snorkeling, Paddle boarding, Sun bathing... in relaxed and warm environment.

Mornings include Mysore-style Ashtanga practice, guided beginner's classes, and kid's yoga (twice a week). Afternoons are filled with thorough technical analysis, in-depth discussions and extra workshops. Pranayama, relaxation and meditation sessions are offered in the evenings.

You will be guided safely by Petri Räisänen, Wambui Njuguna-Räisänen, Måns Broo and qualified assistant teachers's experienced, sensitive and insightful adjustments and advice.

Retreat is designed for Ashtanga yoga students of all levels (beginners, primary, intermediate and advanced A series).

Yoga can be an effective and beneficial tool for reaching a more peaceful state of mind, managing stress and getting physically fit.

Check out the printable guide Plan Your Trip to Koh Mak.

Mental Health Disclaimer

Our workshops and retreats are designed for people with normal physical and mental conditions. If you are on medication, are currently taking (or have taken) therapy and/or counseling, or have any known mental condition(s) that would in any way hinder your participation in a workshop or retreat, please let us, and your doctor/therapist know before registering. We do not provide any specialists at our workshops/retreats who would be able to help, should the need arise. If a student's behavior causes disruption for other workshop participants and the teachers, it is requested that he or she stop participating in the workshop and seek appropriate help. In such a situation, we do not offer refunds, but are available to provide any documents necessary for insurance claims.

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